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Specifically tailored to serve multi-branch companies, eIBS (electronic Inter Branch System) is our solution designed to meet document control requirements by managing internal mailings in an effective and automated manner.
eIBS is completely web-based, allowing for smoother deployment and administration. This tool facilitates courier management between branches, eliminates tedious data entry and paperwork, while providing a continuous visibility of courier location at all times.


  • Completely customizable deployment that can adapt to different internal scenarios of courier operations.
  • Flexible multi-branch setup, using live connections to keep information accurate up-to-the-minute.
  • Total management of parcels sent within the organization, between branches or to third-party recipients.
  • Consolidation of all parcels headed to the same location within a single manifest.
  • Advanced tracking of parcels by the sender and the receiver for improved control.
  • Tracking of parcels through scanning and printing of bar-coded labels.
  • Secure and configurable user access through personalized user logins and passwords.
  • Exporting of all reports in the most popular formats, including Adobe, Acrobat and Excel.
  • Courier Dispatching that allows authorized employees to manage the distribution of their own courier, without having to use a dispatcher, saving the organization time and money.
  • Address book feature that holds addresses used frequently by employees. The address book can include internal or external contacts and can be even linked to a specific branch.

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